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She shares her story of weight loss and maturation with riotously funny delivery. With her cherubic face and energetic sweetness, she is a natural comedic performer. Scared Skinny is a tale of personal triumph that anyone can relate to–and be
entertained by”


Dimino captures the essence of this struggle with humor and honesty like I’ve
never seen before. Definitely catch this one. Her performance is utterly captivating
and serves as excellent motivation to those struggling with their weight.”


Sensationally riveting… an evening so indisputably magical…Yes, it’s just THAT fantastic.”


Even if you don’t need to lose an ounce, check out Mary Dimino’s one-woman show, Scared Skinny. Perhaps why Dimino is so popular on both TV and stage is that she doesn’t try to impress you with her brilliance. She invites your interest and approval. Beyond that, she has 2 qualities that are essential to a solo-performing artist: exuberance and heart.”


Throw in Dimino’s charisma, knack for engaging facial expressions and chipper can-do attitude, and Skinny becomes a winsome show with an audience that roots for her, through and through.”


When Mary Dimino hits the stage she brings innocent charm….
She made her audience roar with laughter.”


Mary Dimino exemplifies the hard work people do to lose pounds and stay healthy. I’m one of her biggest fans.”
Meredith Vieira


Mary’s battle with weight is the hysterical heart of her comedy….
hilarious and inspirational.”


This comedian has every reason to smile. Scared Skinny draws a rave review.”


You think you’re going to laugh, and then you cry and then you’re laughing again. Mary Dimino has created a true comedic masterpiece.”


A tough life can destroy you or make you uncommonly strong. The later is clearly the case for Mary Dimino, an exceptionally down-to-earth and razor sharp comic who relates the mental process she went through to come out on top. The show is filled with smart observations and tender moments…and hundreds of laughs. Through it shines Dimino’s humanity–and her beautiful, undefeatable spirit. Come see this to get to know one of the most appealing stars of the festival.”

Hy on


The shine that Dimino has acquired upon her stage persona is absolutely unmistakable.”
Andrew Martin, critic


Scared Skinny will most definitely be the shining jewel of this year’s Fringe Festival.”
TimeOut for a Creative Change


One of the most highly awaited solo show performances this year…”
Lorraine Messina


Incredibly funny as well as touching.”
One Producer In The


Scared Skinny is a significant show for our time. Weight bias is the final frontier in a society that has made many inroads, but is still so lacking in the understanding of this thing called fat. Scared Skinny is a powerfully enlightening and yet extremely entertaining play which provides audiences an understanding of what it is like to be an overweight woman in today’s society.”
Doctor Brad Johnson, author
The Edutainer